In the ever-pulsating heart of Cape Town’s music scene, a band is making waves with their high-octane live shows and ever-evolving sound. Metro Villa, the city’s answer to The Hives, brings a head-banging energy that’s both infectious and exhilarating. We recently caught up with Cam (lead singer) and Dan (guitarist), the driving force behind Metro Villa, to delve into their musical journey, their electrifying performance at Big Little Concepts, and what the future holds for these rising stars.

Q: Tell us about the origin story of your musical career. Was there a defining moment, a love for a specific genre, or just a spontaneous jam session that sparked it all?

A: (Cam): We all have different stories and journeys. For me, it’s my parents forcing me to practice and play guitar [laughs]. I’m so grateful. Felt like a chore, but then it clicks and opens you up to the world. Being able to create and expel your thoughts, is everything. Collaboration for me is my favourite part — figuring out parts, everyone having their say, even when it gets testy ‘cause we all have egos [laughs]. Then taking those songs and playing live. There’s nothing like it.

A: (Dan): Same as Cam, except I was forced to play piano. I fell in love with the first Wolfmother record and thought it would be cool to learn those songs on guitar. From there it was collaboration with other artists that fuelled my love for music to this day.

Q: How did it feel rocking out in the iconic Concept Records studio? Did the environment inspire anything unexpected in your performance?

A: (Cam): We love the Ben’s!! [Laughs] We recorded our first two songs with Ben and Benji. They make it so easy and welcoming. No judgment, so you feel free just to express yourself — almost a feeling of rawness. Also, the walls are pretty damn rad. The amount of time those guys spent pasting those walls with different magazine clippings, I end up getting lost in them.

A: (Dan): It’s the magazine pages on the walls for me. So grungy and interesting seeing them on the walls — it adds to the atmosphere.

Q: We saw a glimpse of your musical magic captured in Big Little Concepts. What message or vibe did you hope to convey through your performance?

A: (Cam): It was nice to do a stripped-back set. We go loud and fast — which is my jam — at our shows. But to be able to show our other side was great. We have many songs and ideas that we never play. We all now are on board to create more stripped-back songs. Hopefully, you got to listen to the lyrics and hopefully, they made you feel something.

A: (Dan): Definitely more of an emotional or deeper vibe. It was nice to show this other side of us, rather than our fast-paced and almost aggressive alter ego on stage. We are softies, and we liked showing that at Big Little Concepts.

Q: What other creative outlets fuel your artistic fire besides music? Whether it’s visual art, poetry, or even a killer sourdough starter, share your hidden talents!

A: (Cam): Food man, food is the best. I’d say I’m more skilled in eating, but I love cooking.

A: (Dan): I write a lot, especially journalling. It’s just a different way to express yourself, even if no one else ever sees it. I see music and writing as very similar things, even though they are quite different. They serve the same purpose, at least for me.

Q: As a Cape Town musician, what excites you most about the city’s vibrant music scene? Any hidden gems or unsung heroes you’d recommend checking out?

A: (Cam): Cape Town has such an eclectic music scene that constantly excites me. There’s a constant energy of all genres. My personal favourite is Foulplay at District. Josh is killing it and is trying and succeeding in giving so many bands a platform to play. But trying to make an effort to support as many different events and shows.

A: (Dan): I love the local open mic and jam scene. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend the open mics every Tuesday evening at The House of Machines. Gorgeous George has a really dope jam session on the same day, and a lot of local musos herd there and partake in a jam for the gods.

Q: What’s on the horizon for you beyond Big Little Concepts? Upcoming gigs, new releases, or any wild dreams you’re chasing – spill the beans!

A: (Cam): We have a new single dropping this month called Shallow Graves. We are so excited, to release this and we have a music video to along with it. We’ve got to work with some amazing, talented people. Then we are busy recording an EP to release in a few months; then an album for the end of the year. We want to just release more music. Writing and creating is the best part!

Come watch us at the Goblin Party on 15 March. Goblin City are hosting, they’ve been making such sick events! We are playing with the great Slides!

Q: If you could trade musical styles with any local artist for a day, who would it be and why?

A: (Cam): So many! There are so many I look at and wish I could write, sing, play, or perform like. I think that is the best part, we are fuelled by so many artists who inspire us. Being able to write stories like Lost/Youth, perform like Face Jackson [laughs], be as cool as LUUKHANYO and make riffs like TOUGHGUY! There are so many in Cape Town and South Africa.

Q: What’s the one record that forever holds a special place in your heart? The soundtrack to your childhood, a family heirloom, or a recent discovery that blew your mind – tell us the story behind your musical treasure.

A: (Cam): If we are going for nostalgic purposes, I’m going Deftones, Saturday Night Wrist. All Deftones, but that album in particular. I listened to it over and over. Also, every Queens of the Stone Age album. Recently an album I’ve enjoyed was Phoxjaw, Royal Swan and Black Foxxes, Self Titled (Black Foxxes).

A: (Dan): The Stone Roses self-titled album — that’s the one. John Squire was my first guitar hero and is still one of my favourites.

Q: If you could collaborate with any musician, living or dead, who would it be and why?

A: (Cam): These questions are hard but Josh Homme. I dig the guy’s guitar style and writing ability. Would be really cool to pick his crazy brain.

A: (Dan): Probably The Smiths. Happy music over sad lyrics and fast guitar melodies — a killer combo [laughs].

Q: Ten years from now, how do you hope to be remembered in the Cape Town music scene?

A: (Cam): You had the best time at one of our shows! The songs resonated with you and hopefully inspired others to play! We need to stop the robots from taking over!

A: (Dan): For our live shows! We want you leaving our shows with your shoes rubbed down to the souls of your bare feet. And also for our songs — the messages behind them and the melodies.

Bonus Q: Share a fun fact, a quirky anecdote, or a hidden talent that might not be immediately obvious from your music.

A: (Cam): I can slightly juggle

A: (Dan): I can make a very terrible chicken casserole

From their stripped-back performance at Big Little Concepts to their upcoming single and album releases, Metro Villa is a band on a mission. With a love for collaboration, a city brimming with inspiration, and a hunger to create, Metro Villa is poised to leave its mark on the Cape Town music scene, and beyond. Keep an eye out for them live, and get ready to have your face melted — in the best way possible.


I can’t play any musical instruments or sing, so this is my contribution to the local music scene — which I love immensely. I can’t touch my toes, but that has held me back only slightly in life. My hobbies include reading, beer, bringing up Let’s Get Local when no one asked, writing, and surprising people with my pool skills. I believe somehow all of this will lead me to Dave Grohl.

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