1, 2, 3, Abeluw – and that’s how she makes her entrance. From the vibrant streets of Midrand in Johannesburg, where stars seem to be born, emerges Luvuyo Bulelwa Hadebe, renowned as Abeluw. She has been raised and nurtured into a formidable singer and songwriter, capable of translating life stories into melodic antidotes and unique symphonies that gently stir thoughts and emotions.

Breaking into the RnB and hip-hop space is a challenging task alone. Now, add bursting on to this male-dominated scene as a solo-female musician — the battle increases tenfold. Local songstress Scintilla, however, breaks down how to establish yourself in the industry with ease. This multifaceted musician unpacks her journey of setting goals, setting boundaries, setting yourself up for success in the face of adversity, and remaining authentic in the process.

[“I do a bit of video editing here and there but music has been my main thing for most of my life,” Sarah Blake tells us. PHOTO: Supplied/Sarah Blake]

Sarah Blake is a bassist, guitarist and vocalist sharing soul-soothing songs through honest lyrics and a sound as smooth as morning sunshine creeping through your curtains. Her music combines an education in jazz composition, playful vocal rhythm, and Brazilian grooves. 

Enchanting vocals, jazzy rhythms and smooth instrumentals are delivered effortlessly by the Cape Town-based afro-soul artist, KhiweG. Her debut EP, Bhotani, showcases the creativity and dexterity of this singer-songwriter. The project tells a story of the journey towards self-awareness through the difficulties of life, and the relationship between a grandchild and their grandparents, or “guardians”. 

[Jonathan Tait and Alex Muller of We Kill Cowboys rock District’s stage on 27 October. PHOTO: James Browning]

We Kill Cowboys is a Cape Town-based four-piece that has crawled out of long lockdown rehearsals to serve audiences a cocktail of punk, country, blues, and folk. What started as a solo project by Alex Muller, tattoo artist and co-owner of The Body Architects Tattoo and Piercing Studio, finally took to the stage in February 2021 after filling out the lineup with other local scene veterans.

[Angie oeh crowd surfing at Liefde By Die Dam 2022. PHOTO: Wayde Flowerday]

When talking about the Afrikaans rap scene, few are making waves like Angie oeh — the rebellious Pretoria-born mumble rapper. Angie has made it abundantly clear that she is coming to shake things up by releasing songs like “Big Booty Bitch”, rocking tank tops, bleached hair, and some stylish face tattoos. We spoke to her about where she draws inspiration from, her views on fashion, and even which of her lyrics she loves most.

With her undeniable vocals, instrumental skill, eccentric aesthetic, and poetic lyricism, Ellenie Eloff makes one reminisce about legendary female musicians such as Karen O, Kathleen Hanna, and Carrie Brownstein. As the frontwoman of local four-piece, Elle E, she and her band have been making waves in the local music scene, so we thought it only fair to sit down with her and learn more about her musical journey, travels, challenges, interests, and future goals.