Seth Grey is a Cape Town-based artist whose warm, nostalgic, and smooth sound reflects his appreciation of old-school RnB and soul. His music is a breath of fresh air, combining mature and modern components to create a one-of-a-kind listening experience. Seth’s passion for music has taken him to various locations across Cape Town, and it’s his exceptional talent as a solo performer which distinguishes him from the rest.

With the singles ‘O.S.L’ and ‘U Say’ out now, there is a great deal of excitement and curiosity for what else this multifaceted artist has up his sleeve.

Breaking into the RnB and hip-hop space is a challenging task alone. Now, add bursting on to this male-dominated scene as a solo-female musician — the battle increases tenfold. Local songstress Scintilla, however, breaks down how to establish yourself in the industry with ease. This multifaceted musician unpacks her journey of setting goals, setting boundaries, setting yourself up for success in the face of adversity, and remaining authentic in the process.

Being forced to take classical piano lessons is an experience most children do not remember fondly. For Benjamin Fisher, however, this experience set him up for a journey of endless musical discovery and developing a deep love for the instrument. Almost a decade later, this solo artist now has a debut single, ‘I Don’t Need No Other’, to boast about and a new single, ‘What It Was’, due for release on 18 November.