About us

Meet the Let’s Get Local Team!

We are here for all music players and music lovers.

In the middle of 2022, we began to revive the culture of gig guides in South Africa — starting off with Cape Town and Stellenbosch. The Gig Guide stems from our passion for local music and gives local artists a universal platform to promote their shows.

For the listener, we’re the best source for finding live music events in one convenient location. Our Gig Guide includes performances from all over the country.

Alexander Brand

Alexander Brand | Co-founder | @zander_brand

I can’t play any musical instruments or sing, so this is my contribution to the local music scene — which I love immensely. I can’t touch my toes, but that has held me back only slightly in life. My hobbies include reading, beer, bringing up Let’s Get Local when no one asked, writing, and surprising people with my pool skills. I believe somehow all of this will lead me to Dave Grohl.

Skyler Hendricks

Skyler Hendricks | Co-founder | @sky.hendricks

It’s a good thing I’m better at my job than I am at driving. Otherwise, we’d all be in big trouble. On the note of things I enjoy more than driving, the local music scene is very dear to my heart — put me in a crowd in front of a band instead of behind the steering wheel any day of the week.

Pierre-Louis Bredenkamp

Pierre-Louis Bredenkamp | Photographer | @pierrelouis_pilo

Jaw-dropping baselines. Poorly planned tequila shots. Getting to know a stranger over an ear-piercing soundcheck and then shoving a camera in his face 20 minutes later. I’ve developed a real appreciation for the local Cape Town music scene, and the best part is I’m doing it with my best friends (and James). I’m either talking way too much, posting cringey gym Reels, or smoking like a chimney.

James Browning

James Browning | Writer & Photographer | @jlzbrowning

​​I write about the tech sector in hopes we can find human-centred alternatives to the mess we’ve made for ourselves. I get involved in the music scene because leaving passion unpursued is a sin. When my feet aren’t busy on the sokkie floor, you can find me chasing silver linings.

For any submissions, please email us at letsgetlocalct@gmail.com or WhatsApp at +27 71 178 0117 to let us know!

Our Gig Guide will be distributed through our website and social media (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn) — and hopefully a newsletter soon.

Without further ado, let’s get local!