Cape Town


In an inspiring display of community and friendship, a group of talented Cape Town musicians is banding together for a very special cause. They aim to help their friend, Ofure “Fuf” Omere-Kessi, fulfil his lifelong dream of earning his first-degree black belt in Karate in Tokyo, Japan. This musical event, Safe City Volume 2, not only showcases local talents but also serves a noble purpose.

Odwa Bongo isn’t your average performer. This Cape Town-based vocalist and uHadi player isn’t just creating music; he’s weaving tapestries of emotion, aiming to heal and connect with his audiences through the deeply emotive power of his craft. Blending contemporary sounds with the rich traditions of isiXhosa music, Bongo’s powerful vocals and the resonating rhythms of the uHadi create a space for exploration, urging listeners to confront their feelings and embrace the journey of healing.

In the ever-pulsating heart of Cape Town’s music scene, a band is making waves with their high-octane live shows and ever-evolving sound. Metro Villa, the city’s answer to The Hives, brings a head-banging energy that’s both infectious and exhilarating. We recently caught up with Cam (lead singer) and Dan (guitarist), the driving force behind Metro Villa, to delve into their musical journey, their electrifying performance at Big Little Concepts, and what the future holds for these rising stars.

In the heart of Cape Town’s pulsating music scene lies a collective of extraordinary talent, each member a luminary in their own right, collectively known as Kujenga. As a beacon of Afrojazz brilliance, Kujenga isn’t just a band; they’re architects of sonic landscapes, builders of soul-stirring melodies, and creators of unforgettable musical experiences. In our quest to delve deeper into the essence of South Africa’s musical tapestry, Let’s Get Local had the privilege to sit down with Zwide Ndwandwe, the bassist extraordinaire of Kujenga, to unravel the threads of his journey and the soulful resonance that defines the band’s sound.

LUUKHANYO, the name synonymous with smooth melodies, infectious grooves, and introspective lyricism, isn’t just a rising star in the South African music scene — he’s a captivating force who recently lit up the Big Little Concepts (BLC) stage with his band, The Hii ROLLERS. Their stripped-down performance, now available in all its glory on the BLC YouTube channel, is a testament to LUUKHANYO‘s unique sound, seamlessly blending contemporary RnB, hip-hop, funk, and jazz. This Cape Town-based artist’s music resonates with a soulful authenticity, capturing the essence of everyday experiences while infusing them with playful energy and thoughtful messages.

giuliette price, a rising star in Cape Town’s vibrant music scene, carries a voice steeped in childhood memories, the magic of jazz, and the raw honesty of self-expression. From early songwriting days to prestigious music institutions, their journey has been shaped by a love for music and a desire to connect with listeners on a deeper level. Stepping into the iconic Concept Records studio for Big Little Concepts, giuliette poured their heart into each performance, offering glimpses of their latest creations and the vulnerability that fuels their artistry.

Cape Town’s vibrant music scene thrives on diversity, and Matt Willis is a prime example. This multi-talented artist, with jazz at his core, isn’t just a musician — he’s a DJ who seamlessly blends instruments like trombone and keyboards into his sets, defying genre expectations at every turn. Lockdown became a transformative period for him, pushing him to explore his voice and create unique soundscapes that transcend categories.

In the vibrant pulse of Cape Town’s music scene, Nobuhle Ashanti stands out as a unique voice. From her early encounters with Natalie Cole’s melodies to navigating the candid and unfiltered moments in the Concept Records studio, Nobuhle’s narrative unfolds as a blend of raw talent and diverse inspirations, all encapsulated within the dynamic realm of Big Little Concepts. Join us as we peel back the layers to understand what truly defines Nobuhle in the ever-evolving tapestry of South Africa’s creative expression.