1, 2, 3, Abeluw – and that’s how she makes her entrance. From the vibrant streets of Midrand in Johannesburg, where stars seem to be born, emerges Luvuyo Bulelwa Hadebe, renowned as Abeluw. She has been raised and nurtured into a formidable singer and songwriter, capable of translating life stories into melodic antidotes and unique symphonies that gently stir thoughts and emotions.

Abeluw possesses a magical ability to weave notes and lyrics together, exuding charisma and charm. Her captivating stage presence enchants audiences every time.

Her debut EP, Mirror, offers a genuine reflection of Abeluw. It showcases the profound beauty and a genuine expression of her emotions, presenting an exquisite exploration of romance in all its forms. Here’s a closer look at the remarkable Abeluw.

The Path to Becoming Abeluw

Abeluw’s innate ability to deliver enchanting melodies through her voice has been evident since a young age. Music was her calling, and she recognised it as early as three years old. Whenever a song played on TV, she would be drawn to it as if it were beckoning her. Her connection with music was palpable, as she would stand in front of the TV, immersing herself in song and dance, a passion that remains with her to this day.

According to Abeluw she taps into her different characters in order to portray an experience and feeling. PHOTO: Kelkasso

In primary school, her love for music deepened when she received a Freshlyground and Brenda Fassie CD as a gift. She spent weeks listening to the CDs, learning to sing along accurately to every song and even creating dance moves to match each track. Music became her passion, and she aspired to convey its magic to others. “I was born with my personal instrument, that God so wonderfully blessed me with,” she says.

Recognised for her incredible singing talent, Abeluw joined the school choir, where she harmonised with peers and shared her love for music. This experience laid the foundation for her musical growth. Her ambitious spirit led her to become the choir leader, exceeding expectations and gaining valuable insights into her musical journey.

In her later high school years, Abeluw ventured into solo performances and even participated in a local South African talent competition. While she was eliminated in the fourth round, she didn’t let it dim her light. As she puts it, “We pick up our pants and we keep on going,” and that’s precisely what she did.

Embarking on Her Artistic Journey

Abeluw delved into introspection and self-discovery, examining what set her apart from others. Her journey to uncover her artistic identity began when she joined the band MusicalGenesis in 2018. There, she met talented musicians who nurtured her musical gift, helping her blossom into Abeluw, the artist.

In her own words, she explains, “Abeluw is as real as Luvuyo, and they are not so far apart from each other but unique to themselves.” Her artist name, Abeluw, is a personalised rearrangement of her middle name, Bulelwa, reflecting her desire to stand out while staying true to herself.

Abeluw gravitated toward hip-hop, influenced by her brothers. PHOTO: King Khanya

Abeluw’s music always tells a story, aiming to convey a message of self-expression in all its forms and colours. She draws inspiration from her everyday experiences and the stories of those around her, family, and friends, crafting beautiful notes and lyrics that resonate with her audience. Her love for stories has profoundly influenced her songwriting and creativity.

“The moment I touch a book and pen, start writing, and begin singing, it brings me so much fulfilment,” she says. This fulfilment radiates through her art, connecting her heart to our ears, and we can feel it.

Becoming One with Her Music

Abeluw has firmly established herself as a performing artist on the Cape Town music scene. She performs live at numerous music venues, illuminating the stage with her mesmerising sound and leaving audiences yearning for more. She describes her experience in Cape Town as “fulfilling” and credits the city for allowing her to explore her artistic depth.

Since her first performance as Abeluw in 2021, she has graced venues like The Drawing Room and Kind Regards, becoming the first live artist to perform at the latter. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Abeluw continued to perform at various venues, collaborating with local artists and even making waves at Rands in Khayelitsha.

Her Offerings and Upcoming Ventures

Abeluw has ventured into different genres and sounds, offering a single titled ‘CMPLT ME’ and a groundbreaking EP called Mirror over the past two years. Her ability to authentically express herself through music is truly remarkable.

Currently, Abeluw is in the studio, working on neo-jazz and soul-infused music for her audience. While she hasn’t revealed the release date, she assures us that her new sound will evoke the essence of Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, and Ari Lennox, promising nothing but great music. “Yes, really get ready to be seduced,” she says.
She’s tapped into a different facet of her artistry, eager to share it with the world. There’s no doubt that her upcoming music will be as breathtaking and refreshing as her previous work.


Dakalo Nemauluma, better known as Dnemas, is a multifaceted singer, songwriter and storyteller whose music seeks to enlighten, excite and soothe each listener's heart through its infinite elements knitted together, creating a space for his audience to confront and uncover their truest selves or to simply enjoy the rhythms of his sound. His creativity stems from his life's journey, portrayed in all shades and textures true to who he is, and fluid to whomever is listening.

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