Jeannie Arnott is a Cape Town-based singer-songwriter who recently released her debut single Home through The Good Times Co. Her music is a blend of pop and acoustic music that touches on themes of loss, connection, and the overall human experience. 

Healing & Home

Jeannie explains that she wrote the song “Home” with a close friend a few years ago. “Loss and connection is a theme that all humans experience during their lifetime in one form or another so I wanted to reflect this universal message in a song that would hopefully bring healing to its listeners,” she explains. 

Jeannie Arnott
Behind the scenes photo while shooting the music video for Jeannie Arnott’s single, ‘Home’. PHOTO: Alice Peretie

Jeannie’s music is deeply personal, but she also observes human relationships and dynamics on a much larger scale. She explains that she aims to create music that makes people feel good, helps them remember their humanness, and explores both light-hearted and emotive themes. Her music is unique in that it remains acoustic and raw, while telling a story of the true human experience in an unfiltered way.

Music for the masses

Although Jeannie has not been heavily involved in Cape Town’s music scene as of yet, she is a part of the growing number of emerging artists from the city. She acknowledges that Cape Town has a truly vibrant music scene which has certainly influenced her creative process, but she is interested in making music that transcends regional or national boundaries. Jeannie’s music, with its themes of loss and connection, speaks to audiences across all cultures and backgrounds.

Jeannie Arnott
For Jeannie Arnott, collaborating with other artists is the highlight of her career. PHOTO: Alice Peretie

Jeannie’s debut single Home was released through The Good Times Co., a Utrecht-based record label. In collaboration with the label, she has been able to develop her sound and reach a wider audience. Jeannie noted that The Good Times Co. has been supportive of her vision and has allowed her to explore her creative process in a meaningful way.

The music video for Home features a dancer moving through various landscapes, including a beach and a forest. Jeannie explains that the video is meant to be a visual representation of the song’s lyrics and themes, capturing the feeling of being lost and then finding one’s way back home. The video complements the song’s emotive quality and adds to its powerful message.

Walking the tightrope

As an independent artist, Jeannie balances her creative vision with the commercial demands of the music industry. She advises other independent artists to remain true to their vision and create music that speaks to their own experiences and emotions. Arnott also stresses the importance of social media in promoting one’s music and connecting with fans. She regularly uses Instagram and TikTok to share snippets of her creative process and connect with her fans.

Jeannie Arnott
Jeannie’s EP, which is on the way, will be a mixture of many different genre’s including mixture of pop, acoustic, upbeat, and orchestral. PHOTO: Alice Peretie

Jeannie is excited about the future of the music industry and the opportunities it presents for rising artists like herself. However, she is also aware of the challenges that come with a rapidly changing landscape. She remains committed to creating music that speaks to the human experience and resonates with a variety of audiences.

Ever evolving, ever changing

In the coming months, Jeannie will be releasing a full EP through The Good Times Co. The EP is expected to expand on the themes explored in Home while also introducing new musical styles and ideas. She is excited about the future and plans to continue evolving and growing as an artist in the dynamic world of pop and acoustic music. 

Jeannie Arnott
 Jeannie creates from both personal experience and from observing human relationships and dynamics on a greater scale. PHOTO: Alice Peretie

Jeannie Arnott, through her debut single, has proven that she has a unique voice and vision that will surely capture the attention of audiences around the world. This rising young songstress is definitely one to watch. 


It’s a good thing I’m better at my job than I am at driving. Otherwise, we’d all be in big trouble. On the note of things I enjoy more than driving, the local music scene is very dear to my heart — put me in a crowd in front of a band instead of behind the steering wheel any day of the week.

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