Homies – Where The Heart Is (Homies) is a one-day event that is set to take place in Woodstock, Cape Town, on 25 March and aims to raise funds for the Woodside Special Care Centre. The event promises to be a fun-filled day of great music, art, delicious food and drinks, and activities for attendees of all ages.

Woodside Special Care Centre, located in Lansdowne, Cape Town, caters to the special needs of around 80 individuals. They provide medical services, physio and occupational therapy, and run a 24-hour nursing centre to help ensure their quality of life.

Bam Bam Brown, a local musician and one of the organisers of the event, shared his inspiration for the event, stating, “I have […] always had the ambition to try and use my resources to help people who aren’t in a space to help themselves.” Homies was first conceptualised alongside Mishkah Gool, who runs the hosting venue, LoveKosMos.

Miskah Gool in LoveKosMos on 196 Victoria Road, Woodstock. PHOTO: Sourced/LoveKosMos

The event will feature a fantastic lineup of musicians and DJs who have volunteered their talents to support the cause. The list includes Julian Place, Luh’ra, Face and the Features, Moonga K, The Kwagga, Luc Veermeer, and Dirty Disco Records. According to Brown, a lineup is like a sonic recipe, and this selection is sure to provide a unique musical experience.

  • Julian Place
  • Luh'ra
  • Face & the Features

Aside from the great music, attendees can also look forward to sampling the incredible selection of delicious LoveKosMos food and treats on sale, as well as drinks from Sweet River Brewery. “The food is probably the most colourful and eclectic part of the day,” Brown shared. LoveKosMos specialises in healthy foods, but there will be something to satisfy almost any palette from meat options to baked and savoury goodies.

In addition to the music and food, the event will also feature visual art from local artists in the gallery space, light games and activities in the courtyard, and a not-so-secret chamber with tattoos from Nova Tattoos and cannabis consumables from Bud Brothers for the older attendees.

All the funds raised from the event will go towards ticking off various items and tasks on the Woodside Centre’s needs list. This list includes things like non-perishable food items, blankets, and sanitary supplies, as well as site maintenance and upgrades to the facility and onsite equipment.

Organising an event like this is not without its challenges. However, Brown says, “the general response from so many different social circles has been a very motivating and endearing factor so far”, adding that it has been super wonderful to see people give up such a small part of themselves and see just how far little goes.

For those interested in organising a similar event to support a charity or cause, Brown’s advice is to “try and not overthink it and just give it a shot. Also, don’t be scared to ask for help.”

As for the future of Homies – Where The Heart Is, Brown shared that they are already considering hosting another event and contributing to another cause. “We’re going to use this first round to see just what is possible with the resources we have.”

Homies will be happening on on 25 March at LoveKosMos at 196 Victoria Road in Woodstock from 14:00. PHOTO: Supplied/Bam Bam Brown

Come support the cause on 25 March at LoveKosMos at 196 Victoria Road in Woodstock from 14:00. Tickets are available on Quicket and at the door.


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