Canadian South African artist, Ashcoustics, has recently released her debut EP, No More, on 28 April, captivating listeners with her unique blend of pop, rock, alternative, country, and folk. With deeply personal lyrics that touch on themes of self-acceptance and empowerment, Ashcoustics aims to inspire strength, hope, and kindness in a lonely world. She shares her creative process, influences, and the journey that led her to this point in her career.

Finding Empowerment and a Unique Sound

Ashcoustics’ debut EP, No More, emerged from a transformative journey of personal growth and empowerment. She explains, “Coming out of a dark space emotionally at the start of the year inspired the creation of the EP. I reached a point in my life where I was so tired of being a victim of circumstance that I decided to pick myself up, face my demons and start actively working towards the life I wanted.” Through her music, Ashcoustics hopes to inspire others to recognise their inner strength and thrive in life, emphasising the importance of embracing flaws and refusing to settle for anything less than what one deserves.

Ashcoustics’ focus remains on writing authentic, relatable songs that resonate with audiences on an intimate level. PHOTO: Alexandre Ortscheit

Ashcoustics’ sound defies traditional genre boundaries, seamlessly blending pop, rock, alternative, country, and folk elements. When asked about her influences, she reflects, “It’s very difficult to pinpoint the exact artists that influenced me along the way. As a lover of all musical styles, my sound took on a shape of its own during the creation process.” Her focus lies in conveying the story behind each song’s lyrics and melody, resulting in a distinct sound that resonates with listeners on a deeper level.

Creating the No More Music Video

Ashcoustics collaborated with director Adam Hansen and cinematographer Alexandre Ortscheit, crafting a visually stunning music video for her single, No More. Explaining the creative process, she states, “We wanted to tell an abstract visual story about overcoming the pressure of pleasing and prioritising toxic people. It’s about the journey from being taken advantage of to taking back control.” The team dedicated time to meticulous planning, scouting locations, and overcoming challenges during the shoot. Through their collective creativity, they successfully brought the video’s captivating narrative to life.

Cultural Influence and Authenticity

As a South African Canadian artist, Ashcoustics’s music is deeply rooted in her personal experiences. However, she notes, “In all honesty, I don’t feel there has been a cultural influence on my music at all.” Instead, her focus remains on writing authentic, relatable songs that resonate with audiences on an intimate level, aiming to inspire strength, hope, and kindness.

Ashcoustics aspires to inspire strength and resilience in a world often plagued by loneliness “through writing authentic relatable songs that communicate that message with others on a deeper more intimate level”, she says. Her music serves as a platform for sharing her own story and providing a voice to those who may feel unseen and unheard.

Challenges and Resilience

Although currently not planning a tour per se, Ashcoustics shares her aspirations of pursuing a full-time music career while travelling the world. As an independent artist, she anticipates both challenges and opportunities. While challenges may arise, she remains determined to overcome them and embrace the journey ahead.

Ashcoustics says her entire life has been a story of having to find her own inner strength and resilience. PHOTO: Alexandre Ortscheit

Ashcoustics’ lyrics are deeply personal and draw from her own experiences of finding inner strength and resilience. Recounting her life story, she shares, “My entire life has been a story of having to find my own inner strength and resilience.” From a difficult upbringing to overcoming trauma and societal challenges, her music reflects her journey of growth and serves as a beacon of hope for others facing similar struggles.

Looking Ahead

While currently focused on her single and upcoming album, Ashcoustics does not have immediate plans for future musical experimentation or collaborations. However, her dedication to artistic exploration and innovation suggests that listeners can anticipate exciting developments in her musical journey.

As Ashcoustics continues to evolve as an artist, fans can expect a new single release in the near future, followed by her exploration of the world. She aspires to release a full album by the end of the year, promising an authentic and powerful musical experience.

Since her travels a couple of things have changed for Ashcoustics. She is currently on a mission to find other musicians to collaborate with and build a band to perform, record and tour with.

As she embarks on these new ventures, Ashcoustics is poised to make a lasting impact on the music scene with her unwavering authenticity and inspiring messages of strength and hope.


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