Cape Town-based artist Alex Biaya, formerly known as L’X, is captivating listeners with his latest release, “Winter’s Near.” Dropped on 22 March 2024, the song marks a new chapter in Biaya’s artistic journey, showcasing a poignant blend of cultural influences and introspective lyricism.

A Tapestry of Influences: Biaya’s Musical Journey

Hailing from Cape Town with roots in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Biaya’s sound is a unique tapestry woven from the vibrant rhythms of Africa and soulful contemporary RnB. This captivating fusion is evident in “Winter’s Near,” where infectious melodies intertwine with Biaya’s heartfelt vocals, creating a sound that lingers long after the last note fades.

Music has been Biaya’s guiding light since a young age. Inspired by a rich tapestry of genres, he crafts songs that resonate deeply with listeners. From captivating audiences at local venues like the Baxter Theatre and Saggy Stone to collaborating with prominent producers, Biaya has honed his craft and carved a space for himself in the South African music scene.

From Local Stages to Soulful Ballad

“Winter’s Near” is more than just a new song; it’s a testament to Biaya’s artistic evolution. He continues to push boundaries and enthral listeners with his authentic storytelling and undeniable talent. The song delves into themes of introspection and vulnerability, creating a relatable experience for listeners as they navigate the emotional landscape evoked by the title.

In his own words, Biaya describes “Winter’s Near” as “just the beginning” of what he believes is him tapping into the genuine parts of himself as a creator. He emphasises the evolution of sound, melodies, and, most importantly, confidence. This newfound confidence is palpable throughout the track, imbuing it with a raw honesty that resonates with listeners.

“Winter’s Near” is a captivating introduction for those unfamiliar with Biaya’s music and a satisfying progression for established fans. The song promises to be a cornerstone of his evolving sound and a testament to his ever-growing artistry.

Alex Biaya

Beyond the Music

Biaya is also a co-host of the popular Cape Town-based video podcast Posties Podcast, which he began with his friend Themba Hadebe in January 2023. The podcast currently has 53 episodes and over half a million views. On the show, the duo interviews and converses with anyone culturally relevant to South Africa, especially young people. The show features a wide range of guests, from rappers and actors to producers and influencers.

With “Winter’s Near,” Biaya establishes himself as a rising star in the South African music scene. This introspective and soulful track is a testament to his artistic growth and undeniable talent. As Biaya continues to evolve and tap into his authentic voice, listeners can eagerly await what the future holds for this captivating artist. Be sure to search online to learn more about Alex Biaya and follow him on his musical journey.


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