In an inspiring display of community and friendship, a group of talented Cape Town musicians is banding together for a very special cause. They aim to help their friend, Ofure “Fuf” Omere-Kessi, fulfil his lifelong dream of earning his first-degree black belt in Karate in Tokyo, Japan. This musical event, Safe City Volume 2, not only showcases local talents but also serves a noble purpose.

The Event: Safe City Volume 2

On the evening of 26 April 2024, the iconic Baxter Theatre’s Concert Hall will be alight with musical performances from LUUKHANYO, Kila G, and I-SO, accompanied by the vibrant sounds of 4-piece The Hii ROLLERS. This concert isn’t just about great music; it’s a fundraiser aimed at gathering the necessary funds to support Fuf’s journey to Japan.

The Baxter Theatre Concert Hall
The Baxter Theatre’s Concert Hall. PHOTO: Supplied.

The Baxter Theatre’s Concert Hall, known for its superior acoustics and seating capacity of over 600, promises an intimate yet electrifying atmosphere. This event marks a significant attempt by these artists to not only fill this large venue but also make a meaningful impact on their friend’s life.

The Cause: A Dream in the Making

Ofure Omere-Kessi, known affectionately as Fuf, has a diverse heritage with roots in Nigeria, Tanzania, and England, but he calls Cape Town his home. His passion for Japanese culture, kindled at a young age, has led him to the doorstep of an incredible opportunity: grading for his black belt at a Karate dojo in Tokyo.

Ofure “Fuf” Omere-Kessi. Photo: Supplied

This cultural exchange involves not just the grading, but also a series of activities that immerse participants in Japanese traditions. To make this trip possible, Fuf and his friends must raise £3000 (Currently just over R70 000) to cover flights, accommodation, and other expenses.

The Musicians: Cape Town’s Finest

LUUKHANYO is known for his authentic expression and eclectic musical style, fusing contemporary RnB, hip-hop, funk, and jazz. This unique blend has captivated audiences across South Africa, as evidenced by his successful tour with The Hii ROLLERS and standout performances at major festivals. LUUKHANYO’s artistic vision extends beyond captivating melodies, with his recent single “Hii ROLLER” tackling meaningful themes with a playful tone. The infectious track, with over 2 million listens across streaming platforms, reflects LUUKHANYO’s genuine enjoyment of the creative process and his commitment to a sound that’s truly his own. Moreover, LUUKHANYO’s recent signing with a London-based label signifies his potential to make a global impact with his music. His participation in Safe City is not just a performance, it’s a chance to share his artistry with a wider audience for a worthy cause.

LUUKHANYO at CottenFest Cape Town 2023. PHOTO: James Cameron Heron

Kila G
Thandekile Maboee-banzi, professionally known as Kila G, is an elegant singer-songwriter from Cape Town whose music offers a remedy to the issues faced by today’s generation. Kila G’s passion for music started when he was young and nurtured during his lower school years, during which his exceptional talent was recognized and awarded for two consecutive years. He further honed his skills by leading a vocal ensemble in high school. This dedication to his craft resulted in a 5-hit EP that solidified his status as a recording artist in 2019. Kila G’s impressive resume includes performances at prominent events like the South African Football Awards, CottonFest, and multiple appearances at Cape Town’s popular “Expressiv Nights.” His talent and dedication have garnered the support of prominent figures within the music industry, solidifying his position as a staple in the South African music scene. Kila G’s contribution to Safe City is a testament to his commitment to using his music for positive change.

Kila G
Kila G. PHOTO: Scintilla

Born in Gqeberha, Eastern Cape, I-SO was surrounded by music from a young age. This early exposure ignited a passion for songwriting and singing, a talent encouraged by a late friend who recognised I-SO’s potential. He considers himself an artist and composer who uses arrangements of sounds and tempos to express himself. His versatility extends to his lyrical delivery, effortlessly weaving between jazzy falsettos and boom-bap rhyme schemes. Refusing to be confined by genre, I-SO defines his sound as experimental neo-soul influenced by jazz, alternative RnB, hip-hop, the blues, and rock. Previously known as iSO Souloh, I-SO has embarked on a new creative journey, shedding his former persona to embrace a sound that is uniquely his own. His involvement in Safe City is a chance to showcase his artistic evolution and his dedication to using his music to uplift others.

I-SO. PHOTO: mellowshots

The Hii ROLLERS bring their dynamic energy and genre-bending talent to the Safe City stage. This tight-knit foursome, comprised of Blessing Biyandu (keyboards and musical director), Keanon Mac Curry (electric guitar), Charlton Abrahams (bass guitar), and Elton Abrahams (drums), weaves a tapestry of sound that seamlessly blends jazz, contemporary R&B, funk, soul, gospel, and even hip-hop. Their electrifying performances have captivated audiences across major South African stages like Fête de la Musique, The Music Imbizo, CottonFest, Up the Creek, Retreat Yourself, and many more. Their undeniable talent has been recognised through awards like Best Band in Cape Town at Let’s Get Local’s Big Band Brawl and Texx and the City’s Band or Bust competition. Always up for a creative challenge, The Hii ROLLERS are the perfect complement to the diverse lineup, ensuring a night filled with musical exploration and infectious energy.

LUUKHANYO and The Hii ROLLERS (from left): Elton Abrahams, Keanon Mac Curry, Charlton Abrahams, and Blessing Biyandu. PHOTO: James Cameron Heron


The hashtag #FILLUPBAXTER is not just a call to action—it’s a statement of intent from Cape Town’s vibrant music community, showing their collective power to effect change. By filling up The Baxter Theatre, not only will attendees enjoy a night of outstanding music, but they’ll also be part of a greater cause that extends beyond borders.

How You Can Help

Attending Safe City Volume 2 is just one way to help Fuf reach his goals. Donations are welcomed, with incentives ranging from personalised messages and photos from Japan to exclusive content like the “Funky with Fuf” movement class for higher donations. Every contribution brings Fuf one step closer to his dream.

Safe City Volume 2 is more than just a musical event; it’s a community-driven initiative that highlights the power of collective action and the spirit of giving. As these Cape Town artists come together to support one of their own, they are not only showcasing their talents but also demonstrating the profound impacts of friendship and community support. Join them at the Baxter Theatre to experience this magical night and help make a dream come true. Your presence counts!

Let’s make it a night to remember and #FILLUPBAXTER


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