LUUKHANYO, the name synonymous with smooth melodies, infectious grooves, and introspective lyricism, isn’t just a rising star in the South African music scene — he’s a captivating force who recently lit up the Big Little Concepts (BLC) stage with his band, The Hii ROLLERS. Their stripped-down performance, now available in all its glory on the BLC YouTube channel, is a testament to LUUKHANYO‘s unique sound, seamlessly blending contemporary RnB, hip-hop, funk, and jazz. This Cape Town-based artist’s music resonates with a soulful authenticity, capturing the essence of everyday experiences while infusing them with playful energy and thoughtful messages.

From captivating audiences with The Hii ROLLERS to electrifying solo performances, LUUKHANYO has already garnered recognition, including a successful Johannesburg tour, a memorable performance at The Music Imbizo in Durban, and victories in prestigious local competitions. His latest single, ‘Hii ROLLER‘, amassed impressive streams, solidifying his potential to captivate listeners worldwide. But LUUKHANYO’s ambitions extend far beyond accolades. He aspires to be a trailblazer, inspiring others to embrace their individuality and carve their own paths in the music world.

We asked him a few questions:

Q: Tell us about the origin story of your musical career. Was there a defining moment, a love for a specific genre, or just a spontaneous jam session that sparked it all?

A: I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember; however, my music career only started early in my high school years. I had been writing music — specifically raps — before then, but the first time I actually recorded a song, was in 8th grade. A childhood friend of mine had been recording songs at a local home studio, and brought me along one day. Until then, I had dreamt about having a career in music, but I never thought it was possible. Mostly because I didn’t have the resources to do so at the time. If I remember correctly, this was the moment where everything just clicked, and that dream of mine felt realer than ever.

Q: How did it feel rocking out in the iconic Concept Records studio? Did the environment inspire anything unexpected in your performance?

A: It was an experience! I wouldn’t necessarily say unexpected, but the environment definitely influenced the way we delivered the performance. The space is pretty intimate, and that allowed us to strip the songs down a little more, which inspired us to make good use of transitions and switch-ups, to keep things interesting.

Q: We saw a glimpse of your musical magic captured in Big Little Concepts. What message or vibe did you hope to convey through your performance?

A: If anything, I hope the performance can give the audience a sneak peek into what our live shows sound like, and inspire them to come experience us in person. Overall, the goal is to unite people through music and make them feel connected to something bigger than themselves and their immediate surroundings.

Q: What other creative outlets fuel your artistic fire besides music? Whether it’s visual art, poetry, or even a killer sourdough starter, share your hidden talents!

A: I don’t know. I’m into a lot of random stuff, and they all play a part in stimulating me creatively. At the moment, one of my favourite things to do is play sudoku while taking my morning dookie. I’m also into doing cute shit like cooking supper for my mum or riding my bike through the Sea Point Promenade at sunset. It’s mostly when I’m doing random stuff where I come up with my favourite pieces of music or lyrics.

Q: As a Cape Town musician, what excites you most about the city’s vibrant music scene? Any hidden gems or unsung heroes you’d recommend checking out?

A: The diversity in talent, and the quality of art being produced. I think Cape Town is growing at a very steady pace, and in due time, everyone will get their shine. Some of my favourites in the city at the moment are Kujenga, iSO Souloh, K.Keed, and Uncle Righteous.

Q: What’s on the horizon for you beyond Big Little Concepts? Upcoming gigs, new releases, or any wild dreams you’re chasing – spill the beans!

A: Debut album on the way. Shhh!

Q: If you could trade musical styles with any local artist for a day, who would it be and why?

A: I wouldn’t trade styles with anyone, but I’d love to learn how to play my voice as well as Keanon Mac Curry plays his guitar. He’s both technically gifted and fluent in music theory, and the tone of his guitar sounds beautiful. Experiencing him play is truly inspiring.

Q: What’s the one record that forever holds a special place in your heart? The soundtrack to your childhood, a family heirloom, or a recent discovery that blew your mind – tell us the story behind your musical treasure.

A: ‘Still D.R.E.‘ It’s one of my favourite songs ever! It’s even more special now since I recently lost the person who introduced me to the song. It’s also so simple yet so well crafted. It never gets old.

Q: If you could collaborate with any musician, living or dead, who would it be and why?

A: Quincy Jones, because I’ve been impressed by everything of his I’ve ever heard. RAYE, because I think she’s a phenomenal singer, and she writes as well as she sings. Last but not least, Dr Dre, because he was my introduction to hip-hop, and I always go back to him.

Q: Ten years from now, how do you hope to be remembered in the Cape Town music scene?

A: As a trailblazer. I really hope to open people’s minds up to the idea that it’s okay to do things your own way, and that there’s always room for innovation.

Bonus Q: Share a fun fact, a quirky anecdote, or a hidden talent that might not be immediately obvious from your music.

A: Before I pursued a career in music, I was well on my way to becoming an accountant.

LUUKHANYO’s journey is far from over. With a debut album on the horizon, exciting collaborations brewing, and a relentless pursuit of artistic innovation, he’s poised to leave an indelible mark on the South African music scene. His music is a testament to the power of creative expression, reminding us that even the most ordinary moments can be transformed into something extraordinary.

Dive into LUUKHANYO’s world through these Q&As, and discover an artist who’s not just making music, but weaving a tapestry of sound that resonates with the soul. As he himself says, “It’s mostly when I’m doing random stuff where I come up with my favourite pieces of music or lyrics.”

So, get ready to be surprised, inspired, and transported by the unique musical magic of LUUKHANYO, and don’t forget to watch their full performance on the Big Little Concepts YouTube channel for an extra dose of his infectious energy!


I can’t play any musical instruments or sing, so this is my contribution to the local music scene — which I love immensely. I can’t touch my toes, but that has held me back only slightly in life. My hobbies include reading, beer, bringing up Let’s Get Local when no one asked, writing, and surprising people with my pool skills. I believe somehow all of this will lead me to Dave Grohl.

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